• Quality

    Quality is the measure of effectiveness of any process. It is critically important when buying decorative fabricated extruded components where the different manufacturing disciplines create dependent quality relationships.

  • Experience

    High quality aluminum billet is critical and the changing supply environment requires experience, good credit history and a clear understanding of a suppliers capability. Alloys 6063, 6463, 6005A, 6061and 6082 are stocked.

  • Limitless Extrusions

    Welcome to the world of virtually limitless extrusion capabilities. Find out more

    Limitless Extrusions
  • Dimensional Stability

    Single cell extrusion tooling heating is critical to lowering scrap costs on small orders and achieving dimensional stability early in the production run.

    Dimensional Stability
  • Design Realization

    Machining can accomplish all kinds of design realization. Our most successful achievements are realized through the combination of extrusion, machining and anodizing or powder coating.

    Design Realization
  • Anodized Extrusions

    Machined anodized extrusions for the lighting business has been a huge market in recent years. Utilizing the best characteristics of both aluminum and extrusion.

    Anodized Extrusions
  • Achieve Your Goals

    Extrusion, curving, machining, anodizing all in one piece displays the realization possibilities when working with Cardinal Aluminum. Let us help you achieve your goals.

    Achieve Your Goals